This is the post excerpt.

Hi! Welcome to my blog, I decided to start a blog because I want to share with you some of the things happening in my life- and I really like reading other people’s blogs! As I read many of my favorites I realized how many were written by twenty and thirty somethings. Which I’m not. Not for a while, truth be told. I bet some of you are a little past that as well. Even if you’re not, I have a lot to tell you about, and I hope you may find it interesting.

First, just a quick peak at who I am. I’m “slightly senior”, though I find that hard to believe! I mean really, don’t you find it hard to register how fast the years are adding up? I prefer to think of it as gaining experience and (hopefully) some expertise, not just aging.

Over the years I have taught culinary and craft classes (still do), worked in fashion, sewn professionally for displays, dressed mannequins, and been an event planner of sorts. Now I am an event and program coordinator for active older adults. I love paper crafts, reading, knitting, cooking, growing herbs, and so much more.

My husband and I have been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit. We are now “practicing for retirement”, as he calls it. That basically means we are enjoying finding places and experiences that we can happily spend time on as more time becomes available. That’s a nice way to think of it, isn’t it? We both want to keep busy and keep working part time, but we look forward to more time together as we cut back on work hours in the future.

Tower b

Let me tell you about what we did this past Fourth of July weekend. Tom and I took Monday off so as to make a long weekend. On Sunday we went out Lake Erie Bluffs near Perry, Ohio. The weather was perfect: blue skies, a light breeze, and temperatures around 80 degrees. We started at the observation tower just off Clark Road. The view of Lake Erie was amazing. There is a gentle ramp that takes you up two stories, or if you are game for it, you can take the stares for four more flights for an even more spectacular view. If you like birds as we do, you’ll find plenty to watch as the park is on the migration path for many species. Bald eagles nest here as well. We were thrilled to see two of these majestic birds. One flew right over head. It cast a shadow that was huge!

 Scenic view

There is a clearing with two perfectly place benches where I sat mesmerized by the grander and tranquility of Lake Erie. That’s me in the opening photo so engrossed in the view that I didn’t realize it was being taken!

From there we went to the visitor’s center off of Lane Road. It would be a nice spot to picnic after a hike in the forest or on the Lake’s Edge Path. There’s a spacious covered pavilion with a large stone fireplace and many picnic tables both undercover and in the open. We were heading out to dinner so we’ll have to save that option for another time.

We went to The Firehouse restaurant where we sat on the patio and had a delicious dinner. I Then we headed home, but first a quick stop at a favorite place of my husband’s, Fosters Ice Cream Shop. I brought home one of their ice cream sandwiches to enjoy later that night with a movie.

Monday we stayed closer to home and went to Edgewater Beach Park. The Cleveland Metroparks have taken over running the beach and what a great job they are doing. The beach is clean and well kept with wonderfully thoughtful amenities such as giant beach swings where you can gently rock while enjoying the lake and people watching!

We had lunch at the newly built Beach House. It has casual but upscale concession stand food with a nod to Cleveland’s multicultural make up. They offer pierogis, quesadillas, and sausage sandwiches along with goat cheese salads and more normal beach fare. Tom loves his ice cream and sampled the “Metroparks Bark” that Honey Hut made just to celebrate the Metropark’s 100th Anniversary. It has huge chunks of dark chocolate, cranberries, and nut bark in a creamy vanilla ice cream. I had to taste it, of course. Decadent!

Shrimp a

When we got home I made a grilled corn salad with a light, tasty fresh herb dressing that was served with marinated shrimp that Tom grilled perfectly. The herbs were fresh-picked from our garden – tarragon, basil, mint, and chives. I will be sharing recipes in future posts. If you want this one, contact me at slightly and I’ll send it to you.

On the Fourth we attended a family picnic that my cousins host every year. Lots of good food and good company were, as always, part of the festivities. It was a busty holiday. I was happy to go back to work on Wednesday just to get some rest!

4th of July Star box

Before I go let me share a cute little Fourth of July Star Box we made in craft class last week. It’s a take off on a Christmas Star Box I saw last year on Pintrest. This one celebrates the Stars and Stripes. The little inside box can hold candies or some other little treat. Wouldn’t it be sweet as a surprise for a coworker or as part of a tablescape?

I hope you’ll stop back next week. I’ll be sharing recipes and crafts plus keeping you posted on what’s going on with us. Until the remember:

” Enjoy every minute please and happening, for this is your eternal present.”